What should my custom invitation and welcome emails include?

Everything you need to know to get your personalized emails ready for the big launch day. *For Branded Upgrade Accounts Only*

Step 1: Submit your branding assets:
Where to submit:

What to submit:

  • Your Primary and Secondary colors
    • These should be submitted in hex color code (ex. Primary color: "white", #FFFFFF; secondary color: "black", #000000)
  • Your Logos
    • One square logo
    • One horizontal transparent background logo for light backgrounds
    • One horizontal transparent background logo for dark backgrounds

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 7.20.20 AM

    • Your customized VOMO URL
    • Your Welcome email language (See step 2)
Step 2: Personalized Invitation and Welcome Email
The next step in the process of setting up your branded experience is to get some custom volunteer invitation and welcome emails sent over to the VOMO team. The default language on VOMO emails will not make sense in your branded experience. So you get to customize what they say!
Here is an example of a branded email:
What we need from you is four things:
1. Custom Header Graphic. We can create one that looks similar to the example above, following your branding guide, or you can submit your own banner. If you'd like to connect your graphics guru with ours, we can set that up as well.
2. Invite Email text. You can change anything in that middle section to cast the vision and invite people to accept their invitation to create their account in your new hub.
3. Welcome Email text. After a volunteer accepts their invite, they will receive a welcome email. The same space in the template needs to have custom copy to welcome and give volunteers an idea of what to expect in their new hub.
4. Footer information. We can put links to any app you want, default it to the VOMO app, or remove them completely. We need to make sure the very bottom contact info is right.
Once you have all of the information together, submit your branding and email assets here. If you have any questions, contact your VOMO Expert.