What are the Advanced Options on a Project?

We've included some great options for you to make sure your volunteers follow your process and get all of the information they need to volunteer.

The Advanced Options of a project can be seen by clicking the "Show Advanced Options" link when you create or edit a project. Each one of these is optional, but there are a few defaults to be aware of. See screenshot below, followed by explanation.

PART 1:  Check-In - Privacy Settings

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 1.57.14 PM

  • Check-In: Settings that control the Check-In Kiosk experience for this project. In order for this project to appear on the Kiosk for volunteers to check in and out, a station will need to be tagged here. Learn more about setting up a kiosk station. You can also adjust the number of hours before the project begins for volunteers to check in and decide whether new volunteers can register when they show up. Lastly, allow or deny volunteers the ability to change their role on the kiosk when they check in.
  • Project Owner(s): This is an Admin or Organizer in your VOMO org assigned to the project to receive notifications, management of the project, etc. If you assign an Organizer they will have access to manage/assign volunteers even if they did not create the project themselves. You will specify them as the "Primary Owner" and then add secondary owners to also receive notifications as well.
  • Point Person: This can be anyone who you want to put in as the contact person who your volunteers can call/email with questions. This is a great field for when you need to say contact Joel on the morning of your project if you have any questions. This information is included in the confirmation email when the volunteer joins the project.
  • Privacy: You have 3 options. All projects default to Private (for members of your Org only)
    • Public - Anyone on VOMO can see the project in their Volunteer Hub or on their VOMO App. This is great if you don't mind getting people from outside of your VOMO org to join your project.
    • Private - Only members of your organization (People in your People list), can find this project on their Volunteer Hub or on their VOMO App.
    • Unlisted - Using this field makes your project unlisted from any Volunteer Hub or VOMO App, but like any project, you can share it with the direct URL that accompanies every VOMO Project. Anyone with the direct URL will be able to access Unlisted projects.

    PART 2:  Participant Approval - Form Settings

    • Participant Approval: Checking this box means that Volunteers will Request to Join one of your Serving Dates. The Project Owner will get an email with the request and can respond appropriately to make sure the right people are on the project. You can also respond to requests on the Requests Dashboard of the Admin Homepage or the Admin Project Page.
    • Background Check Required: Checking this box means that Volunteers are required to have a background check on file in order to participate. The Project Owner will get an email when someone requests to join the project, and the email will have the status of the background check listed in the email to let the Project Owner know if the volunteer is cleared already, or will need to go through adding a Background Check to their profile.
    • Require volunteer hours verification?: Checking this box means that ALL volunteer hours served in this project require the project owners verification after the time slot(s) is completed. To verify the hours, go to the "manage" page on the project's dashboard in your Administration portal. Learn more about controlling default settings for this option in your Org Settings here.
    • Registration Cutoff Time: Setting a Registration Cutoff Time will close registration for your upcoming Serving Dates at a designated day and time of your choosing. The default Registration Cutoff Time for all Projects can be set in Org Settings. Learn more about the Registration Cutoff feature here.
    • Guests: Simply let your Volunteers know if it is appropriate or not for them to signup guests when they register themselves on a VOMO project. If a Volunteer brings a "Guest", you will see that user as a guest of the Volunteer on the registration.
    • Minimum Age: Let your Volunteers know the minimum age required to volunteer on your project. This can be any number between 0 and 99.
    • Need to Know/Next Steps: This text field can hold important information for your volunteers. Many Admins/Organizers use this field to detail specific next steps of the project, like "Volunteer must wear closed toed shoes". Use this field for more important info than the description because this information is included in the confirmation email when the volunteer joins the project.
    • Forms: This input lets you add a custom VOMO Form to the registration process so that when people signup for a project, they are required to complete the before registering. These forms are great for collecting additional information and signing waivers. Learn more here.

    PART 3, Attachments - Add Sponsor Settings

    Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 1.57.42 PM
    • Attachments: Add an attachment to the project so that volunteers get the .doc or .pdf in the confirmation email after they signup. The attachment will also show up directly on the Project Page. This information is included in the confirmation email when the volunteer joins the project.
    • Links: Add up to 4 links to direct people to important places that they might need to see. For example, add a link to a training video, an online form/waiver, or an informative website that will prepare the volunteer for serving. The link(s) will also show up directly on the Project Page. This information is included in the confirmation email when the volunteer joins the project.
    • Project Sponsors: Add a sponsor to your project to communicate to your volunteers who is paying for this opportunity. Add a logo, a name, and a link to their website or social. Learn more here.