What data can I export from VOMO?

Easily manage your volunteer data through our great export tools.

We make it easy for you to access multiple types of data in our Analytics Admin tool so that you can see your impact clearly. Below is a list of the types of data and where to find your report/export in the VOMO Admin Dashboard:

  1. Project Dashboard. On each Project Dashboard you can export multiple CSV files with volunteer data depending on what you are looking for.
    1. Individual Serving Dates. Simply click the little blue icon with 3 dots next to the Serving Date and Time in the row of serving dates to export project date for an individual serving date.
    2. All Serving Dates. Just below the list of individual serving dates, you will see a green button with an Export ALL Dates (CSV). Use this export button to gather any past, present, and future serving dates with their connected volunteer data.
    3. Export All Dates in Range. If you have adjusted the range of dates that you are looking at using the date picker at the top of the list of Serving Dates, you can just export all volunteer data in the range that is showing. Use this if you just want a specific range and not all Serving Dates.
  2. Organization Analytics. Clicking on the Analytics menu item (in the blue section on the left), you have two options. Organization Analytics is the first option.
    1. Visit this Dashboard to see an overview of your Organization's impact, including number of volunteers activated (this % is based on the size of your Org on the Admin Org Settings Page - adjust your number there to see this % change), number of volunteers in your Hub, number of volunteers you have invited to your Hub, gender and age analytic charts, and the VOMO Heat Map that shows where all of your projects have taken place.
  3. Volunteer Resumes. The second option in the Analytics section is your list of Volunteer Resumes.
    1. This page shows a list of all Volunteers in your Organization, along with some of their overall statistics. You can sort this table based on the different columns or search this table to find a specific volunteer.
    2. The Export button on the top right corner of the screen is a great tool for getting your Volunteer data out all at once!
      1. Export Volunteer Information. This CSV file includes a list of your Volunteers, their biographic data, information about what orgs/groups they are in, any notes about the volunteer, the total number of projects completed, hours volunteered, and their overall Economic Impact.
      2. Export Participation Data. Clicking this link will open up a modal for you to pick a specific date range that you want to export all Volunteer participation data so that you can see the impact over a custom date range. The columns in this CSV include the date of participation, project name, role name, number of guests, number of hours volunteered, and any notes associated with their participation.

Make sure to reach out to your Concierge or email support@vomo.org if you want someone from our team to walk you through the Analytics and exports in your org's Admin Dashboard.